All gas cylinders and including breathing air diving tanks require hydrostatic pressure testing every 5 years by law in every country in the world. Hydrostatic testing is testing the tanks/cylinders in water pressure containers to reduce any risk of danger that could happen if the tanks/cylinders being tested happened to be faulty.Breathing air tanks and gas cylinders are made of high quality materials such as Steel, Aluminum, and for very high pressure air fillings: Carbon Fiber cylinders, these are very lightweight and used by many Fire Fighters and rescue teams.

Regular inspections are carried out on High Pressure compressors to maintain a high standard of safety. Some of our viscidity workers are approved by government authorities.

Flow tests for a compressor

Diving tank hydrostatic testing

Pressure gauge comparative test

Safety valve testing
›Equipment for pressure test 1set
›Equipment for making high pressure gas 1set
›Hydraulic unit 2
›Trommel 1
›Underwater cable telephone 5
›Underwater radio communication system 5set
›Compressor ‚j‚`|‚P‚T (200bar) 2
›Compressor(MARINERj200bar 1
›CompressoriU-2BHj300bar 1
›CompressoriC-2Bj200bar 2
›Low pressure compressor for submergediving 2
›Underwater air lifti6inchj 2
›Underwater air lifti5inchj 2
›Welder 2
›Generator 2
›Underwater floodlight 20
›Floating liftiair 4tj 1set
›Underwater speaker system 2set
›Underwater hydraulic equipmentiwall saw and chipping hammer, drill, and core drillj 1set
›Decompression tank 2
›Heated water diving pooliL20m~W12m~D7mj
›Underwater color TV systemiVTR•tj
@@E3CCD camera,definition 800iAQ-20j 1
  @E3tube system TV camera,definition 650iBVP]30j 1
@@E Digital video cameraiVX-2000) 1
›Uni floating boat 15
›Underwater scooter 2
›Underwater mine explorer 2
›Speedboatiname:Adventure,length:45feet,14 person j 1
›Underwater thickness measuring instrument
        (supersonic wave type) 1set
›Underwater camera 5
›Underwater ‚Wm/m camera 1
›VTR compiler 1
›Underwater welder 5
›Underwater cutting machine 5
›Underwater sadericompress airj 2
›Underwater drillicompress airj 2
›Underwater tack gun 2

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