Institute of Diving Skill Japan
Obtain your diving license from our divung school
Equipment of cleanness and enhancement

Heated water diving pool
20m~10m, 6.4m depth

Lecture room studies

Shower rooms






A Re-breather system is able to recycle used air,cleaning it and removing unwanted CO2,the oxygen%ageis adjusted to a correct level for normal breathing,the recycling is continuous and allows the diver to staysubmerged for longer periods.
* There are some rebreathers that are semi closed systems and some rebreathers are fully closed systems.

2-day course to get Open Water C-card!


@1st DAY

  • AMEEELecture on basic method and theory by instructor using textbook and VTR.
  • PMEEEPractice in our diving pool

Training in our diving pool


  1. SNORKELLING: fin-work (on the surface of water)Esnorkel clear
  2. SCUBA DIVING: equipment settingEmask clearEneutral buoyancyEfin-work etc.
@2nd DAY
  • 1st day's review and step up!
  • Final Exam (written test)

          Supplementary lessons cost \5,250 a day

  • Lesson Fee:\50,400iinclude rental and C-card issue application feej
  • Please prepare these things: bathing towel, swimsuit, your photo
  • How to apply: Call, fax or e-mail us your convenient date a week or 2 in advance

Practical Diving Lesson

Training in open waters
2dives a day
lesson fee: \10,000`15,000 idepends on the number of equipment you have)
Boat diving in and around Fukuoka, reviewing the 2-day Open Water course

ya contact addressz
E[ : k-diving@interlink.or.jp

Please note the below information of you when you apply by e-mail

  • Tall
  • Weight
  • Eye-sight(good/not good)
  • Date of Birth
  • Size of Feet
  • Date Convenient
  • Phone Number

3-1-1 Juroku-cho Nishi-ku Fukuoka
819-0041 JAPAN
     telF092-894-6677 faxF092-894-6678
1-4-14 Takahama Kokurakita-ku Kitakyushu
802-0021 JAPAN
     telF093-522-6677 faxF093-522-1866

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